Aplace that’s not a place, in a time that’s not a time. You’re invited into the home of the Crone who shows you how to embrace gray hair, house cats, the art of drinking tea and real magic.

Crone’s Hollow is her living room–and it’s full of unique and varied magical goods brought to you by national and local artisans: Amber Bear, Mystic Ground Oils, Patrick Grogan and Goatwirx. Their art, including pottery, jewelry and cloaks are hand crafted for your magical use, and selecting these goods helps support our local talent.

Beautiful wooden furniture created by the crone showcases god and goddess statuary from many pantheons. Crystal chandeliers and a tinkling fairy fountain grow from the two magical trees which have sprouted from the very floor of the Hollow.

Silver jewelry, athames and other ritual tools, warm amber, semi-precious stones and books surround you…and in the corner you see small wooden apothecary shelves brimming with organic essential oils and fresh, fragrant herbs…waiting to be blended by knowledgeable hands into potions and incenses of amazing richness. The Crone is also willing to create custom spell candles for your whispered wishes and dream desires. Ask, and let the magic begin!

In her small sitting chairs next to the hearth, the Crone is waiting patiently for you to stop by…