Hand Made Magic

Powerful Spells For Every Occasion!

We create beautiful custom spell candles to help you with Luck, Hex Removal, Justice, Protection, House Blessing, Love, Calming, Uncrossing, Health, Prosperity, Fertility, or any other issue that may be complicating your life.

Created by the Witches of Crone’s Hollow, these Spell Candles are made to order. Come by the store during regular business hours for a special consultation with one of our magical practitioners to find the right kind of spell specific to your situation.

If you’d rather make the candle yourself, we’re happy to provide tips and guidance. We also offer classes on crafting spell candles a few times during the year. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and watch our calendar for upcoming dates.

Hand carved spell candles

Individual Readings

20 Minute Reading


30 Minute Reading


45 Minute Reading


1 Hour Reading


* Cash or mobile payment preferred. Credit/Debit Card transactions may incur a $5 fee.

Couples consultations available as well.

Psychic Readings

Are You Looking For Guidance?

The Crone’s Hollow House Readers have been vetted for the exceptional qualities to take your intuitive consultation to the next level: Honesty, Intuition, Integrity, and Empowerment.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance on a mundane matter, or need clarification on the path ahead of you, our Readers are here to help—even if that means giving you a reality check!

We also offer Reiki Healing Services (see individual practitioner’s schedule for pricing), Custom Spell Candles made by the Witches of Crone’s Hollow, and magical consultations provided at the counter.

Lady Luna in the Reader Room at Crone's Hollow

Lady Luna

My readings bring clients to a deeper level of understanding about the nautre of their true selves. I help those I work with to gain greater insight into their life processes and overcome obstacles to live their lives as fully and happily as they desire.


I call upon your angels, your guides, ascended masters, and ancestors for messages to come through. I use a mixture of channeling, automatic writing, and “LOVE unconditionally” to bring about messages.


During a palm reading session I am able to look into many different areas of your life to see where there is opportunity to find you answers, more peace & clarity.


While doing readings, I often access spirit guides and ancestors, with the Tarot providing a focal point to tap into my gifts. My readings guide clients through their struggles by helping them recognize the options and opportunities available to them.


I provide down-to-earth readings that start simply but evolve as patterns emerge. I love to help discover what is underneath the surface, shining some light on an otherwise murky situations.


During your reading, you’ll receive insight into your Gift & Purpose, Personal Medicine & Prime Directive, and Ritual prescriptions according to the Shamanistic practices of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso.


I’ve worked in mental health clinics as a spiritual guide and crisis worker. I had an awakening as a Lemurian healer and channel their energy into my readings. I found my passion for helping others find their way.


Sometimes our dark moments only require illumination. My Tarot readings always shed light in the right places. Greatness is revealed not by the light that shines upon us, but the light that shines within


Guest Reviews

I love how educational they are with the customers… we recently went in on Saturday December 12th for a tarot reading (with they do every Saturday) and while my husband was getting his reading I browsed and shopped… I bought some charcoal and they lady running the register that evening didn’t hesitate to grab one out and show me how it works… there is in house witches there that hand-make most items in there… good selection of tarot cards… it is one of my favorite metaphysical stores in northern Utah…

Kay, Google Reviews

I love this shop! My husband and I discovered it randomly. I’ve been in a couple times, it is always clean, organized, and welcoming. Today was no different but I brought my daughter. She loves witches and wants to learn everything she can. The man working today was so kind and helpful. He was patient and answered all of her questions. He wasn’t bothered by my younger son taking pictures of things. We left the store with lots of fun things and my daughter a better understanding of the things they sell and how they work. Thank you for the positive experience. I could not recommend this store more! Photos courtesy of my toddler.

Tiffiny, Google Reviews

I’ve been to quite a few similar stores to this, and by far, this is my favorite one. The staff was very kind and informative, the mood/feeling/aura in there was fantastic, and the amount of stuff they have is great! They have pretty much anything a witch needs. My boyfriend and I came home with a lot more than we expected, but in a good way! We just kept finding things that we could reliably use. Can’t wait to come back!

Liam, Google Reviews