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About Julian I was born extrasensory, and have been able to fine-tune my sensitivity through my life’s experiences which have also provided me the opportunity to redefine and cultivate my gifts and sensitivity.  These experiences have also allowed me opportunities to differentiate between people’s emotions, my own, as well as the other dimensions.  Tuning into people’s auric field allows me… Read more →


About Kolby Born and raised right here in Salt Lake City, my Mother started me reading cards when I was four, with just a card a day and letting me tell her some WILD story about what I saw in each card. Long since then, Ive worked in mental health clinics as a spiritual guide and crisis worker. I had… Read more →

Acadia Darkwood

I’m a native Utahn, though I’ve lived in Oahu, Hawaii, Haymarket, Virginia and San Diego, California. I have two beautiful daughters and a brilliant granddaughter, two cats and a dog I lovingly call my “dogstacle” because she’s always underfoot. I love reading the Tarot. For me, the Tarot is a wonderful tool to identify the spiritual energies and inter-personal dynamics… Read more →


About Chris Chris has been reading Tarot professionally since 2017. He connects with your guides and angels to receive the best solutions to your questions about your life path, relationships, and career. He believes that tarot is a window to the soul and wants to help you be your authentic self through readings. Availability Mondays: 5pm-8:30pm Fridays: 11:30am-5pm Looking for… Read more →

Lady Luna

About Lady Luna My psychic gifts have been with me since the day I was born in Guatemala. Growing up, I was exposed to an intuitive daily life, and graduated as an Elementary Teacher. Later, I attended Law School. In my late 20s, I moved to Utah and graduated as a paralegal. My readings are a combination of natural intuitive… Read more →


About Kelly Kelly is an intuitive medium and channeller. She’s a certified life and holistic nutritional health coach, and hypnotherapist. She’s bee reading for 18 years and channelling professionally for six years. What to Expect Kelly supports clients by providing a safe, nurturing, loving environment. In readings or coaching sessions, clients can expect Kelly to come from a place of… Read more →


About Goat Goat has been reading the Ced Tarot deck for 5 years. She provides down-to-earth readings that start simply but evolve as patterns emerge. Goat loves to help discover what is underneath the surface. What to Expect I hope to shine some light on an otherwise murky situation using a simple three-card spread, which will expand to provide insight… Read more →


About Will I’m a spirit medium and tarot reader. I’ve been studying the tarot since 1995. As for the spirits, I can remember them peering at me through the bars of my crib. I’m a fourth way hedge witch, a shamanic initiate belonging to a lineage out of Cusco Peru, and have been practicing as an ordained minister since 2010.… Read more →