Do I need to be in a coven to be a witch?

There is no straight answer to this question.  The answer depends on what type of path you’re seeking and whether you are Wiccan or a Witch.  

Witches are those who practice witchcraft.  That is, the craft of being a witch.  An herbalist. A spell candle maker.  A broom maker.  A potion maker. An artist in essential oils. A tradesman in forging, rune-making, scrying, speaking with the dead or any other Arte of the Craft.  While witches do work in covens, a large number of both Witches and Wiccans are solitary practitioners. Witches generally focus on the craft instead of working directly with god forms.

Wicca, a form of witchcraft, is practiced by those who desire work directly with god archetypes, often in a closed tradition, or one that works in mysteries.  For Wicca, you generally need a coven to help you get started with training their specific materials and to initiate you into that training.  In mystery traditions, you are required to face certain crossroads to personally reach an epiphany and root understanding of the path. 

Wicca is traditionally taught in a coven structure, but many find that once they’ve reached the level of training right for them, they prefer to work alone.

There are advantages and disadvantages to coven work.  If you are a person who needs guidance and human support, or someone who enjoys doing magic in a group setting then a coven is a good choice.  Sometimes covens, however, will encounter personality differences and disagreements between members.  This is a time when solitary work or a coven change might be beneficial.

A word of warning:  personally, we don’t ever suggest “online” covens for a variety of safety reasons.

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