Dragons are mythical reptilian beings appearing in magic, lore and fantasy.  Dragons appear in the stories of many cultures around the world.  The appearance of the dragon can be winged, wingless, snake like, two-legged, four legged, fire breathing, water dwelling, made of clouds, stones, earth, rocks, fire and many colors and sizes.

There are several different theories on how the lore of dragons began.  One theory is that people found bones/fossils of dinosaurs and built on that.  Another theory is that the idea of dragons was born of lizards and reptiles alive today; there are those that spit poison – could that be the source of “fire breathing”?

Dragons are generally believed to be deities of thunder, lightning and balance.  Working with them magically is a way to confront imbalance and change in our lives and magical paths.  Being “ridden” by a dragon can be construed as not dealing with challenges in our lives such as mental health issues, addiction and other hurdles we encounter.

Some believe that we each have our own personal dragon.  These dragons may be hidden from us and will only reveal themselves if we offer them treasures or take the time to coax them out of hiding.  Once we have formed a partnership with our dragons we can use them to move between realms, protect our kin and find our own source of power.

Do you have a personal dragon?  If so, what do you offer them?  If not, what do you think you need to do to find them?

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