Ouija Boards




8:00 pm


Crone's Hollow
3834 S Main Street

Ahhhh, the Strange and Mysterious Ouija Board – Is it a tool of the Devil, a harmless family game or a fascinating glimpse into the non-conscious mind? Participants in this class will be given a basic introduction to the talking board, or witch board, including safety instructions on its use, cleansing and disposal. Following the instruction portion of the class, we will conduct a séance using the board as a divination tool. The cost for this class, and the séance, is $20 per person.

Class attendees will be allowed a 10% discount for use in the Crone’s Hollow store for their own Witch Board or other divination tool (Discount must be used the night of the class).

Please allow a full two hours for this special class event.

Your teachers for this class is Goat. Goat is a Crone’s Hollow House Reader and an initiate of the Ced tradition.

Bring a friend and bring your Ouija board if you have one. Since we will be using boards in the seance, one of three options is open for you:

1) Bring your own board

2) Purchase a board at Crone’s Hollow before the event. We have a variety of different styles of Witch Boards including a deluxe glass top board with a pentagram, paper topped boards with cats, pentagrams, celtic knots or other designs and some hand crafted boards done by Goatwirx, a local artist. All are beautiful! This is the time to use the 10% discount.

3) If you don’t have a board, and don’t want to get one, bring a mirror or piece of glass 8 X 10 inches or larger and a clear shot glass. We’ll show you a parlor trick!

Come talk to the Dead with us! This class is not suitable for those under the age of 18.