Fairy Fest

Fairy Fest. It’s a time of enchantment. A summer vision. The dewy and liminal place of twilight and dawn. The place where things come together, where edges meet, and where the Fae dwell. Midsummer is a gathering time for the Court of the Fairy Kingdom; a magical and lush time where the talents of the Faeries are shared in a Carnival of Color.

Join us for Fairy Fest, Crone’s Hollow’s Midsummer celebration; a day of unique merchandise, live mermaids, music and other magical offerings.

We encourage costumes and guising in honor of the Fairy Court. Wear your wings, your finest fairy wear, your elf ears, your best pirate pants, a belt with swords and doubloons, a hat with a tall feather….whatever makes you feel magical!

10 AM – The Crone’s Hollow store will open for business. This is a good time to look for fabulous new Fairy merchandise and get yourself set for the day. Please check in at our registration booth which will be at the front of the store. This is where you get your official Fairy Name and a schedule of events.

11 AM – Fairy Fest Opens! To access Vendor Row, enter through the magical fairy portal…

Fairy Fest is free to enter and is open through 6 p.m.

Have questions? Post a comment here or give us a call at 801-906-0470.

We look forward to seeing all the Otherkin at this year’s Fairy Fest!

The Witches of the Hollow




11:00 am