Lughnasadh Community Campout


08-01 - 04-2024

This is a community camp out and celebration for the Utah (and surrounding areas) Pagan community.

Community Camping Event, Thurs August 1 through Sun August 4, 2024

This event is being planned and presented by the Stone Beacon Coven & Crone’s Hollow.

This is public land so there is no charge for coming up to camp. There are two things you can help with to make this a success –1) firewood and 2) money to help with porta potty costs.

Early Saturday Evening Main Ritual: The Fête of Lilah, centered by Stone Beacon Coven. Time will be announced at the campout. If you are coming up for a day trip, be there by 4 pm so you don’t miss it.

A potluck feast will follow immediately. Please bring your own utensils, plates, and drinks and some kind of substantial and tasty dish to share.

Other Stuff You May Want to Know

If this is your first camping event here is a guideline of basic Camping Etiquette and other items.

We are asking for a monetary donation to help with the cost of the porta-potties which are required by the Forest Service. The suggested minimum donation is:

* $10 per person
* $15 per couple
* $25 per family (for this purpose, covens are not families)

Please make your donation to TaMara upon your arrival at the campsite

We are also asking each person to bring up some wood for the community campfire. One bundle per person should be sufficient.

This is a community camp out and we are camping in an unimproved area. This means that you are responsible for everything you and anyone under your care may need in order to ensure your comfort, nourishment, and safety during this event. We suggest a tent, bedding, food, water, medical supplies, insect spray, towels and a plan for cooking for yourself. Bring your own alcohol if you’re over 21. If you’re not over 21, don’t plan on drinking while you’re up there. While we are a community, and have no problem helping a fellow in need, no one likes a moocher. Be prepared. It gets cold up there at night!

On the subject of alcohol, please drink responsibly. We aren’t responsible for you falling on your face or hurting yourself because you got drunk. And don’t be obnoxious.

Children are welcome – you need to be responsible for their behavior. Community campfire curfew is at 10 p.m. for those under the age of 18.

If you are bringing your furbabies, you MUST keep them on a leash. This is not optional. If your dog barks or howls incessantly, we beg you to leave them at home. If your dog is aggressive or has a history of biting or fighting with other dogs, please leave them at home. Poor dog behaviors cannot be tolerated at a large campout; if there are problems we will ask you to take your animal home.

If you would like to offer an activity or event during this campout, please email us or make a note in the comments on this event. We’d love to have someone do a craft, teach a class, coordinate a game or any other thing you’d like to do.

THIS IS A PACK IN PACK OUT EVENT. If you bring it, you take it. This includes ALL trash and/or supplies. We are pagans, witches, and caretakers of this earth.

Finally, a camp out of this size requires that everyone help out. Please help keep the potties clean, pick up trash, help with ritual set up, participate…and most of all….get to know people!

Directions from Crone’s Hollow can be found at the following Google Maps Link:


StoneBeacon Coven
StoneBeacon Coven

StoneBeacon Coven is a Working coven of the Mound Tradition—a primal, chthonic, non-heteronormative, evolutionary stream of Witchcraft.

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