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A Place For Authentic Craft Experiences

In 2011, Crone’s Hollow opened its doors for the first time, providing the local Pagan community a place to experience authentic Craft practices through Rituals, Classes and Products.

We are not associated with any single tradition or group, but rather are a place for magical practitioners and pagans to feel welcome and appreciated.

The idea for Crone’s Hollow was born out of tragedy. A long time member of the community, Roy Moorman, passed beyond the veil following a car accident. Rather than be consumed by anger and grief, his friends and family decided to put their energy into creating a safe place for local magical practitioners to gather and celebrate.

Together, TaMara Sorensen and Roy’s sister, Rita Morgan—the Crone of Crone’s Hollow—gave breath to the magic that became Crone’s Hollow.

In 2019, Rita joined Roy on the Other Side, leaving a legacy of magic and Witchcraft which continues reverberating through the walls of Crone’s Hollow to this day. Her daughter, April Souleret, joined TaMara in leading this special place into the future.

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The Friendly Witches Behind The Counter

TaMara Sorensen

Owner and Founder of Crone’s Hollow. TaMara is an Initiate of StoneBeacon Coven, and Hedgewitch with more than 20 years of experience.

April Souleret

Co-owner of Crone’s Hollow. April is a Clan member of Temple of Ced, and magical practitioner with more than 20 years experience.


Store Manager. Durriken is an Initiate and Clan Member of StoneBeacon Coven, with a rich heritage of familial folk-magic practices.


Berlin is an eclectic practitioner.


Dawn is a member of Hart’s Hearth and a practitioner of Heathenry.


Dusk is an Initiate of Earth Haven Coven and is especially gifted at crafting Spell Candles and Candle Magic.


Kolby is an Ifa practitioner. Kolby has an extensive base of knowledge from which he pulls.


Matt is an eclectic Wiccan. He leads our Monthly new to the community meetup and is a member of the World Tree Circle.


Vadoma is an Initiate and Clan Member of StoneBeacon Coven who offers great wisdom and insights.

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