Is doing a love spell a bad thing?

One of the most commonly requested spells, the love spell, can be done without it being “bad”.  Love magic has been used for centuries to attain happiness, societal stature and family by royalty and folk pracitioners alike. 

Love spells have traditionally been cast by female witches who used the power of femininity, fertility and sexuality to draw in a mate.  The feminine power of the love spell was mentioned in the medieval misogynist literature of the Malleus Maleficerum (The Hammer of Witches), a guide to hunting witches published in Germany in 1486.  Most cases of witchcraft were tried by the Holy Office due to the belief that women were bewitching men with their guiles and genitalia. 

It’s important to remember that people have the gift of free will in their relationships.  Love magic is often viewed as imposing one’s will or desire for love over the right of free will of another.  To avoid an unethical approach to love magic, love spells can be cast upon the practitioners themselves to make them more loveable, as opposed to “making” another person love them.  This eliminates karmic retribution toward the spell caster but still attains the same spell goal.

Here are a few love spells that have been successful for us in the past.

Candle Love Spell

Communicate your loving intentions using an unlit candle. Repeat what you want to happen in your love life. What you might say can be something like ‘Let my love come to me as this candle burns’.  It’s best to let the magic decide who comes to you instead of naming a particular person.

You can say this out loud or in your mind, just concentrate on your wish and truly believe it.  After setting the intention, light the candle and let it burn. This way your spell will be on its way to your dream lover. The candle should completely burn down until it goes out on its own, so be patient.

Ribbon Love Spell

During the New Moon, use a ribbon and two objects. The objects can be anything like candles or gloves, etc. The only thing is that they must be pairs. It’s best if you are emotionally connected to the objects you choose. 

Let one item represent you and the other should be your dream lover. Tie the two objects at the end of the ribbon as you do invocations such as ‘as I tie these gloves together, may the dream lover come closer to me’. 

Every night, move your objects closer and closer to each other and tie the ribbon again as you recite your invocations. You need to continue doing this until your chosen objects are touching and then leave them be for a week so that the spell has time to attract the love into your life.  

Orange Dream Love Spell

Dried orange peel can help your dream lover make up their mind about their feelings. Orange peels can also help you get a clear clarification for yourself on your dream lover. 

Simply wrap dried orange peel in a cloth and then tie it with a ribbon. You can peel the orange yourself or used dried orange peel purchased at your favorite apothecary. Make your intentions known. You can say things like, ‘please let me know what I should do to find true love’. 

All you need to do to get your answer is to put your orange wrap under your pillow while you sleep. This will cause you to dream about your question and also your answer. Don’t forget to write down your dream after you wake up so that you don’t forget it completely.

Rose Petal Love Spell

Collect rose petals in your favorite color and take them near moving water. Outdoor water is the best is best for this purpose, but you can also use tap water or moon water. Then, try visualizing your ideal partner, or better yet visualize the ideal qualities you want your partner to possess. The latter is the best way of doing this spell as it’s not too specific.

Think of your invocation and say something like ‘universe, grant my wishes, and send me my dream love to me as I send these petals to you’. Keep a strong will and make sure your wishes are pure.  Set the petals afloat on the water and walk away.

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