Tarot & Oracle


I was born a healer. I have worked in various forms of healing others. I was an art major and focused on yoga teacher training. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and began a different path. I worked as an esthetician for 12 years. I started gravitating towards tarot, and oracle work. I also started creating resin jewelry making at the same time. I started diving deep into both. I met with a medium mentor which helped gain another purpose. I am a mother of two wonderful children. I am originally from Orange County, California but have been living in Utah for 11 years.  I am currently a state certified family and peer support specialist and am an intern with Utah State University. I specialize in medium, tarot, and oracle work. I love chakra balancing and incorporating my pendulum. Yoga has also saved my life.  

What to expect  

My readings are to gain a better perspective on one’s purpose or answers to their “questions”. I want to help give the tools to a successful future. I want to give wisdom to your uncertain future. I want to give the support that you are craving. I am here to help with love, and guidance. Look forward to meeting with you!! 


  • Thursday: 11:30am-5pm