Hello beautiful souls🙌I do Palm Readings! 🤲 Chiromancy! During a palm reading session I am able to look into many different areas of your life to see where there is opportunity to find you answers, more peace & clarity. I started studying palmistry 19 years ago. I began by reading books & getting dozens of handprints from friends, family & coworkers. I took 5-30 hours on each set of prints…carefully analyzing the lines and mounts with rulers and a magnifying glass. I have had some amazing mentors that have taught me some super magical things that have helped me with readings. I am very passionate about Palmistry and the never ending things I keep learning with this modality. I would love to meet up with you. 🪶🤍 Contact me for an appointment & availability. 435-764-6319 MUCH LOVE 🫶


  • The Second & Fourth Tuesday of every month: 11:30-5