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About Durriken

Durriken was born a frigid afternoon in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the story goes, it was raining when his Mother went into labor, and snowing when she brought him into the world. She was a single parent, a California transplant on an extended visit to her grandmother, the Family Matriarch. His mother wasn’t expecting to give birth for another month but, as the story goes, Durriken had conspired with the Family Matriarch in her dreams to be born on a Saint’s Day, and to formally meet her on Easter. Family lore holds that, when the Family Matriarch—a well-known Seer and Reader from Santa Cruz, California—held him for the first time, he peed on her beautiful, white, Easter dress. Together, they laughed. Together, they sobered. Together, they stared deep into each other’s eyes.

Then, she handed him back to his mother, saying, “This one has the Gift.”

His is a family of mixed heritage and custom: Romnichal and Sihásapa, Scottish and Apache, Integrated and Insular. From his bloodline, he received the Gift. A gift that has been honed by study and practice from the first time he sat as a child with his Great-grandmother at the kitchen table while she read from her well-worn pinochle deck; from the time his Uncle handed him a deck of aged Tarot cards in 1997 and said, “Read them.”

These days, You’ll often see him working behind the counter at Crone’s Hollow in his role as Store Manager, helping customers and promoting the House Readers.

He reads and teaches Tarot, communicates with Spirits, performs assisted EFT sessions, NLP Sessions, and became Master Reiki practitioner in 2017.

What to Expect

Readings with Durriken are Client-Centric focused and don’t shy away from hard topics, keeping the services about YOU. Whether you have a specific question or you’re wanting a more general Reading, he interprets the Cards without judgment or reservation. A Reading with Durriken will not solve your problems, but it will empower you to solve them yourself.

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