Automatic Writing, Chanelling & Mediumship

About Kelly

Kelly is an intuitive medium and channeller. She’s a certified life and holistic nutritional health coach, and hypnotherapist. She’s bee reading for 18 years and channelling professionally for six years.

What to Expect

Kelly supports clients by providing a safe, nurturing, loving environment.

In readings or coaching sessions, clients can expect Kelly to come from a place of unconditional love returning to Source.

She calls upon your angels, your guides, ascended masters, and ancestors for messages to come through. She uses a mixture of channeling, automatic writing, and “LOVE unconditionally” to bring about messages.

It’s her hope to assist clients in bringing them out of a “black and white” world to their own personal “World of Color” leaving them with pure you in their hearts.


  • Mondays & Tuesdays: 6pm-8:30pm

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