Scrying, also referred to as “seeing” or “peeping,” is the practice of gazing at something, usually a reflective surface, to see images that provide a prophecy.  This method of divination, usually used with a crystal ball or scrying mirror, offers personal guidance if the reader is open to interpreting the symbols seen.    For example, if you see a falling star, what does that mean to you?  Is it an omen that something is decaying? Or that one thing is moving aside for another/better thing to take its place on the foundation of your life? 

Learning the language of scrying takes time, just like learning any language.  There are different interpretations for each scryer and sometimes the message can be as simple as a letter or number. 

Scrying involves looking at the medium and unfocusing your eyes and your mind to be receptive to the images shown.  There are many different mediums for scrying including fire, water, mirrors, crystal balls, shapes in clouds…anything that provides a doorway into the question  at hand. 

Want to practice scrying?  Start with Magic Eye/stereograms and see if you have the ability to see beyond what is right in front of you.  Once you get the hang of it, move to using your own scrying mirror, crystal ball or even oil floating on water. 

Crone’s Hollow also has an amazing scrying ink available that can be used in water to see shapes.  Give it a go!

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