Our Story

Welcome to Crone’s Hollow!

Each visitor to our shop will hear those magical words ring out each time you step inside the door.

The mission of Crone’s Hollow is to provide a safe space for people to practice the Arte of Craft. This includes any alternative spirituality – Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry, Kemeticism, and Ceremonial Magic; Angels, Asatru, Eclectic Paths and more. If you believe in the Craft and the power and possibility of magic, Crone’s Hollow was designed for you.

How did Crone’s Hollow come into being? Well, in 2010 two things happened.

First, Roy Moorman (Cuchulainn) died in an auto accident. Roy was the guardian of the Earth Haven coven, the longest-running coven in Salt Lake City. This affected the coven members, but also the community at large who loved Roy. What could be done with the immense amount of grief we felt? Second, Rita and TaMara sat outside at Salt Lake Pagan Pride and talked about what we could offer. How could we use the loss of Roy as a catalyst for healing and improvement in the local Pagan Community? Rita had years of experience as a High Priestess and in magical study. TaMara had experience in coordinating and creating local Pagan groups and events as a Local Coordinator for Pagan Pride and a founder of the Utah Black Hat Society.

The discussion in the sunshine turned into a business plan. The idea of Crone’s Hollow was born. A place where you could shop, visit, take classes, do rituals, learn and engage. With other coven members assisting with planning and buildout, Crone’s Hollow opened its doors on March 4, 2011. Years later, we have grown, changed and moved into our permanent location. We have readers on staff every day. We’re open 7 days a week and we offer a full schedule of classes, rituals and special events. Rita Morgan passed away in September of 2019 and her daughter, April has stepped into her partnership role. TaMara and April are committed to honoring Rita’s legacy by continuing to provide that same safe space for seekers of magic.

Each year we host the Witches High Tea, Goblins in the Hollow, Fairy Fest, the Mad Hatter Tea, Full Moon circles, The Green Witch, Hecate’s Supper and a variety of sabbat rituals for anyone who wants to attend.

Our staff is carefully vetted to provide the best resource for your questions and the best suggestions for whatever crossroads you find yourself standing in.​

Thank you for being our guest!