The Crone

On our original website, there was a story that told of The Crone. The story goes…

Once upon a time, an old woman lived at the end of the lane. No one knew how old she was, she was simply called ‘The Crone’. People smiled as she walked by; they nodded, but they were a bit wary—she was odd.

The story continued with her taking boards from an old leaning barn and building a nice, comfortable cottage in the hollow of the trees. She created a space that was safe and loved. The Crone furnished her home with oddities, treasures, herbs, oils, and stones collected from all over the world. She brought books, feathers, amber, recipes, jewels, and other things that caught her eye. She lived alone but loved visitors.

In this safe space, she found her power.

Rita Morgan was the embodiment of The Crone. A collector of knowledge and a keeper of secrets, she was happy to share time and experience with the many travelers who have visited over the years. Her wisdom was sought out and valued by those with eyes to see.

Sadly, Rita passed through the veil in 2019—about 9 years after Crone’s Hollow opened. Those who have had the opportunity to share talks, journeys and classes with her have made an oath to carry on her legacy through the Crone’s Hollow store. Her knowledge of magic, clairvoyance, and enlightenment will always be part of the culture here, even though she is not with us in body.

Rita’s presence and spirit (and Roy’s) are still very much part of the landscape of Crone’s Hollow. You can find their photos in our classroom and hear their whispers in every corner. Rita has an open portal to The Hollow and visits often, in many different ways.

There is no “new” Crone because the Old One is still with us. Come visit. The Crone is waiting.