What is a spell candle?  How does it work?

Spell candles are a form of candle magic which is one of the simplest forms of spell work. The spellcaster visualizes the end result of the desired spell and focuses on the candle as a way to turn the idea into reality.   Spell candles can be written on, painted, carved and dressed in oils, herbs and other embellishments.

Spell candles are available in any color or style from simple chime candles to ornately designed candles in the forms of human figures, apples, dragons and more used for a variety of different spell outcomes.

Colors are often used to denote specific spell intentions, but it is not necessary to always have a pink candle for a love spell, for example.  The candle creator empowers the candles with design, breath and intention and the candle is used as a tool to launch the spell once it’s lit. 

Many practitioners feel that a spell candle is a living thing, so feeding the candle is suggested.  A bit of honey under the candle, along with a fragrant herb blend does the trick!

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