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About Morgana My family lineage on my father’s side can be traced back to the Druid Bards of Ireland.  These individuals were considered “poets” to the kings and were basically shamanic practitioners who journeyed for information to help the royals.  Both my mother and I were born in the caul or veil, and for many, this is one of the… Read more →


About Kelly Kelly is an intuitive medium and channeller. She’s a certified life and holistic nutritional health coach, and hypnotherapist. She’s bee reading for 18 years and channelling professionally for six years. What to Expect Kelly supports clients by providing a safe, nurturing, loving environment. In readings or coaching sessions, clients can expect Kelly to come from a place of… Read more →


About Will I’m a spirit medium and tarot reader. I’ve been studying the tarot since 1995. As for the spirits, I can remember them peering at me through the bars of my crib. I’m a fourth way hedge witch, a shamanic initiate belonging to a lineage out of Cusco Peru, and have been practicing as an ordained minister since 2010.… Read more →